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Our computer and network support services make technology a powerful tool to increase your company's productivity and operations as well as boost your profits in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Northern Delaware and Cecil County Maryland.

Keeps our system operating...

Keeps our system operating…

A busy construction law firm relies on its servers and software to get the job done. John keeps our system operating so that we can do our jobs. John may not always be working locally, but when a problem occurs he is always available by cell phone or through remote access to resolve the issue. When ...Read More

Don Logan

Technology is a double edged sword:

it either makes your organization more efficient, profitable, and successful - or it can be a nuisance, exhausting your resources. Consequently, businesses in and around the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Northern Delaware and Cecil County Maryland depend on our expertise in installing and supporting the computer network technology that runs their businesses.

BOLDER Designs vows to:

  • Spend the time necessary to fully know your business, your budget and what you expect - and serve your IT services wants, not ours.
  • Take advance action with computer support - to avoid disastrous data loss and down time from taking place instead of reactively stomping out flames.
  • Insure each and every recommendation we make - by offering a 100% guarantee.

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