Follow-Up on Outlook Resource Guide

I wanted to share with you the recently published guide on using MS Outlook titled ‘The Ultimate Help Guide to Using Outlook - Streamline Tasks, Boost Productivity and Get Ahead'.

This guide was written to help the average Outlook user be more productive and organized in MS Outlook. We do this by focusing on just a few key functions that can greatly improve your workday. By reducing the unnecessary clicks and steps most users start saving 8 - 13 mins a day, which over a year, equals to freeing up a total of about 44 hours.

In the guide we also cover the following:

  • How to setup and customize Outlook views.
  • Freeing up time and automating the calendar.
  • How to setup and organize your inbox.
  • 30+ shortcuts everyone should use.
  • How to find anything in Outlook

The guide also includes tips and tricks, walk-throughs, shortcuts, and other helpful information for optimizing Microsoft Outlook productivity. It is one of the most comprehensives resources of its kind available.

Find the full Outlook guide here:

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